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funny cat gif

One of the biggest and most famous internet memes are the lolcats. There are thousands of lolcat images around, and they’re unique to the internet – lolcats didn’t exist before the birth of the internet. They consist of photos of real cats combined with funny joke captions. A whole subculture has arisen around the lolcat phenomenon, and they have their own kind of logic, and even their own version of the English language. The language of the lolcats is often grammatically incorrect, and many words are intentionally misspelled (for example: ‘I’m hungry, can you please feed me now’ becomes ‘Ai iz hongry, can u plz feeds me now’).  

A hilarious variation of the lolcat meme is the cat shaming meme (or dog shaming), in which a beloved pet is photographed with a sign confessing to some dastardly crime or shameful activity.

Joke of the Moment:

I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

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